Are YOUR kids ready for a pet?

What is Ready for a pet?

Taking care of a pet is hard! They require affection, exercise, fresh water and food and lots of attention. Dogs need to be walked several times every day. Even when it rains. Even in snowy winters or muddy autumn mornings. Cats need a clean litter box. Bird cages need cleaning. And so on.

You can't take a day off from taking care of your pet just because you don't feel like it! It's hard work!

The reward is of course a loving companion for many years to come. A family member. A best friend.

Ready for a pet helps you and your kids understand this responsibility. It is a way to test your devotion and how ready you are for taking care of a pet, without actually getting one.

A test drive, if you will...


How does it work?

Choose a pet

You begin by choosing a pet. May it be a dog, a cat, a bird or something else.

The next step is of course naming your pet. No pet is complete without a good name.

Food and water

Don't forget to feed your pet! In the beginning you will be reminded of the need to supply fresh food and water but over time you will need to learn to keep track of this by yourself.


Regular exercise

Dogs, for example, need to be exercised every day. They need to be walked several times every day, regardless of weather conditions. So go ahead and set that alarm clock and go for a walk before school!

What our clients say

This was a wonderful way of preparing our kids for getting a puppy. We told them that they need to walk the dog every morning and every evening, no matter the weather. And by taking care of a digital dog for 3 months they really showed us that they were ready.

I gladly recommend Ready for a pet for every family that is considering getting a pet for their kids.

Linda Ashley

Why Ready for a pet?

We've all been there. Kids begging for a puppy, a cat, a bird cage or a bunny. We've tried telling them that it is hard work and that they need to promise to take care of the pet for a long time. Ready for a pet can actually measure how ready they are by measuring daily walks, feeding and fresh water supply.


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